Saturday, July 29, 2006

Highland Games

This saturday I was participating at the first Upper Austrian Highland Games together with my two brothers Andi (right) and Martin (middle). My brother Martin and I were a team with the clan name McNefflings.
We were doing crazy stuff that every Scotsman does every day in his hard live:
Wheel barrow race against the crazy Mac Monsters who had no chance against us wildboys.
The next competetion was rockthrowing. My brother was doing a good job - at least by screaming out realy loud when catapulting the 15 kg rock almost as far as 6 meters.
My favorite game was the relay combined with hurdle race. Look at the giant that is following me trying to kill me with his bare hands.
After all the running we had beer drinking competition where we managed to drink two 0.5 liter beers in 17 seconds. I didn't know I can drink that fast.
The most difficult discipline was tossing the caber which was 4 meter long and had 40kg. If you don't know the technique you have no chance - we didn't know it.
And because we are in Austria there was of course the traditional Lederhosn with the Schuhplattler a traditional Austrian dance.

Thursday, July 27, 2006


there will be updates as soon as I have the pictures od my trip to Scandinavia...
relax, be patint and fasten your seatbelt