Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Kyosha the dog-cat

Watch Kyosha our cat behaving more like a dog than a cat...


This weekend we went to the motorcycle fare in Göteborg. They say it's the biggest in Scandinavia. And now guess who saw the new KTM RC8 and was even sitting on it...

For those who want to know more: KTM RC8

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Yesterday, when we came home from town we heard some alarm bell ringing and thought it must be fire alarm somewhere in the buildings around. When we entered our house and the elevator didn't work we got a little bit suspicious. Also the fire doors in the corridor were closed but since there was no smell of smoke, no panic and no firemen we didn't care and entered our apartment.
Well, until after some time I looked out of the window I saw this:

Firemen outside, evacuated people who waited to be allowed to go back in...
Good there was no fire for real!

The following days - sick snowboarding

The days after Christmas we went to Linz to visit my parents but unfortunately I caught some stupid flu and we had to give up the plan to go skiing to Carinthia. Instead i was sweating in bed.

At least Lovisa could take a train to the alps and go snowboarding. How jealous I was...