Saturday, October 14, 2006

Finally it's over

Comming back to Oslo, we could stay at Christopher's again. Ida was also there who I first met in Tazania. Then back to Gothenburg and back home to Linz in 24 hours. Start at eight am five hours ferry from 4 to 9 pm and then full speed on the highway. Only at around 2am I had to stop for a rest so I parked my bike at a gas station, sat next to it and slept for two hours. When I woke up some bikers were refuling their bikes looking very sceptic at me, not sure if they should help me or if I was ok. I reached Linz at around eight and fell asleep, tired from a wonderful trip to a beautiful place on earth and the nicest people ever!


We stayed one more day in Flåm to do some hiking. Christopher told us about a cool daytrip through the mountains of Flåm and around. In the morning we took the bus to somewhere in the mountains - Norwegian names are hard to remember! And we had a wonderful hike down to Flåm. The funny thing was that after all the days on the bike we had to much energy to just hike like normal people, no, we were running the whole way. The day hike became a four hour run. After some fun in the tent we fell asleep quite early - was a hard day...

climbing the mountain

After an extreme night in the tent - remember cold kili nights? we climbed one of the mountains close to the big glacier to get a good view and we got a really good view! On the way south we passed the oldest stave church in Urnes but we didn't go there. If you saw one you saw them all. Our next stop was Flåm with famous Flåmsbana - " The train journey provides some of Norway's wildest and most magnificent scenery. On the 20 km-long train ride you can see rivers that cut through deep ravines, waterfalls cascade down the side of steep, snow-capped mountains and mountain farms cling dizzily to sheer slopes."
Well, it was a nice ride but expensive (like everything in Norway) and after we saw all the crazy landscape with the motorbike it actually was boring for us. But we got some nice pictures.

National Geographic

We had to get up early to reach the ferry to cross Geirangner Fjord. What a trip! The sun was comming through the clouds, it was getting warm and the Fjord is just poa fucking kabisa! When we reached Geiragner, the village the MS Deutschland a huge cruise ship was there what looked so cool. We took some postcard pictures and I tried some off road driving :-)
In the afternoon we reached Jostedalsbreen again from the other side where we could see it even better. In that remote area Lovisa tried the first time in her live to ride a motorbike and she had really fun - she was driving 120km/h. Crazy!!! There was really a lot happening that day - we also found that area that was closed for public because of a wounded bear that was running around.
For the night we stayed almost on top of a mountain close to Jostedalsbreen. We were completely alone. Only some sheeps kept company. At night even the sheeps left because it was getting really cold up there - no wonder so close to the glacier...

Flo gets sick

the third day the sun was waking us up but when we were on the bike it was raining again. "Three days of rain makes FloFlo go insane." Before we started we visited Seim stavechurch. The entrance was expensive and think it's enough to lok at that churches from outside. After some hours on the bike I got a cold, felt nauseous and weak. On the way we saw a small part of Jostedalsbreen, the biggest glacier in Europe which is very impressing! Lovisa found a factory outlet where we had to stop so she could go shopping for hours. Meanwhile I tried not to throw up - I felt so sick! In the evening we finally reached Hellesyl at Geirangner Fjord where we descided not to sleep in a tent but to recover in a youth hostel.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Borat the movie

Borat goes hunting

what do you think about the big nose people?

dark humor

Look at the video and try not to laugh. The presenter was fired the same day...

Monday, October 09, 2006

Gas station hamna

I liked the night in the tent but Lovisa was getting sick from the rain so she was freeting the whole night but as on our trip to Kili she didn't complain about anything. So we continued to cross the biggest plateau of Norway - still don't know the name. It was raining, snow was lying around and we were both freezing. And we run out of fuel. There are no gas stations on that plateau. I have a reserve tank on my bike that lasts for about 30km but how long does it last fully loaded and with two people on the bike insted of one? I was a bit worried because I really wanted to get out of that cold glacier land down to sea level. As soon as the road was going down a bit I let the bike run idle and we made it. 60 or even 70km with the reserve tank!
The night we stayed in a hut in Seim. The picture shows me completly wet but happy because down in the valley we stopped for the night. Here you find a webcam from that place.

Cruising Norwayland

Early in the morning Lovisa and I started our Norway excursion. One week without the comfort of sleeping in friend's beds. Tent and sleeping bag were our home now.
The first day looked nice at the beginning, only some clouds in Oslo but they soon turned into rain. But I was driving some dirt roads whitch was really cool - some drifts and almost jumps. Poor Lovisa got nauseous and I had to stop or she would have puked into her helmet... After a short break she was ok again (doing some ninja moves) and we continued until we reached the biggest plateau in Norway - don't remember the name - where we built up the tent. Luckily it stopped raining. Right, there was also a super old stavechurch we saw...


Next highlight of my trip was when I visited Christopher same same as hamburger in Oslo. One day on the bike brought me from Skage to Oslo where I was warmly welcomed by Mr. Molotov Molstad. To get warm he treated me with deliciouse Danisch beer and even better barbecue. After we saw only the second half of the worldcup final we went out and enjoyed the nightlife of Oslo (Those bastards started the final one hour earlier than the other games). I was especially impressed by the taxi driver who brought us home. He was like a taxi driver in Tanzania and in very good mood. He turned on the music really loud and singing "don't worry, be happy" with us. If only all cab driver were like that...
The next day Lovisa also came to Oslo so we could start a trip to all the natural highlights of Norway. The night before we left Christopher was very helpful and showed us all the good places we had to see and so we set a rout through Norwayland...
Det er veldig viktig a pusse tennene!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Whale fishing

The day I had in Skage Olav, his parents and I spent whale fishing in one of the super sweet fjords. We were going to Olav's cousin who has a cabin and a nice motorboat. It was perfect fishing weather and the fish was hungry. We got far too many so we had to throw some back into the sea. Even that was fun because Olavs cousin knows a spot where the eagle come and grap them out of the water right in front of you!
After cleaning the fish we had dinner - fish.
Never had so good fish before but while eating we got eaten by hundrets knots and mosquitos - memories of my night in ski came up. We tried everything from mosquito repellent, to the smoke stuff they also had at Adis in Dar and some fancy looking yellow tapes you but on your clothes to scare away the plague but at the end we went in. 1:0 for the mosquitos.

Bye bye Trondheim

The time I had in Trondeim was too short for sure! After only one day I had to move on to visit the Norwegian terrorist and halftime Viking Olav in Skage. To find the way Tonje drew me this fantastic map that made it impossible for me not to find the way - lovely double negotiations!
It's fantastic, Olav lives behind some old Viking graves and in the evening elks visit his garden. But the elks did not come when I was there. We even tried to bait them with a tasty piece of meat but without success. Another reason why they didn't show up might be that the smell of the elk pizza Olav's mum made scared them away... Not joking, the day after I had whale burger I had elk pizza - deliciouse!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Headache in Trondheim

The next day I felt terrible with all the ultra expensive beer in my head. My theory is that the intesity of beeing hangover depends not on the amount of alcohol but on the money you spent for the alcohol. That also explains why I could drink quite many beers in Tanzania compared to here...
So much for the theory. I guess Tonje didn't feel much better - check out the sunglasses but we had to do the whole sightseeing program.
First we went to a museum for hm, don't really know - natural science of something where they showed the Norwegian wildlife but no wales :-( and Trondheim how it looked some hundret years ago - Tonje helped an old lady to carry a bucket of water.
Next stop was the cathedral of Trondheim. A tourist fly catcher. They let you pay for the cathedral and if you want to see the crown jewels that are in the cathedral you have to pay again. And there is no reduction for students! How antisocial is that?
Well we paid for everything and I must say at the end it was worth it. But I must warn you - don't go up the tower when you're not 100% sober. That might kill you! Hundrets of steps, really steep and so narrow that there is no turning back - terrible.
To recover we went to the fishmarket where we bought some shrimp and a whale burger. I'm not joking, we had whale. Tasts like beef and smells a bit like fish but I think everything smells like fish when you buy it at the fishmarket.
At night I was watching a football match I don't remember and poor Tonje had to work.