Thursday, February 22, 2007

Visit från Sverige day 2

The second day we went snowboarding to Kleinarl. A small but nice skiing area in Salzburg. The snow was all right for this strange and warm winter. We could even go down in powder snow. It was Lovisas 7th day on the board and she even went down a half pipe. She learns fast! But at the end she's really tired ;-)

I also tried some jumping in the soft powder were falling doesn't hurt...

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Visit från Sverige day 1

Last week I got a visit from mpenzi Lovisa.
The first day I showed her the great town of Linz with all it's sights. Yes, Linz is so small that one day is enough. There was even enough time to buy a nice binding for her snowboard.
Inside the "new cathedral" of Linz

There I grew up

The art gallery

The plan was to visit my aunt later that evening, but there was no time. Instead we were looking for an evening dress for Lovisa to wear at the lawyers ball in Vienna (without success - yet).

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Marks from Africa

Yesterday, one year after I had my last exam at Chuo Kikoo Dar es Salaam I finally got my marks.
But why do I get a B in 'keyboard instruction' and in 'university chorus'? I have never attended this courses (didn't even know that there is a university chorus). But I think now I understand, probably I got that classes because 'artificial intelligence' and 'network design and administration' is just missing, as if I've never been there though that are the only two classes I could use here for my studies...
That's the African style I love so much.