Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Winter in Åre

When the winter doesn't want to come to Europe it hides in a small village in Sweden called Åre. We went there to search for it, well we found a little bit and we had lots of fun with it! Lovisa, winter and me went snowboarding (it was the first time for Lovisa), winter and I told her how to do it and she learned really fast!
But there was not only snowboarding. One day we went with a Hundspann (dogsledge) around Åre and we made friends with Kiwi, Knas and Fläcken three sweet Huskies.

We found winter

Monday, January 29, 2007

New Year

We celebrated New Year in Linköping in the house of a working colleague of Klara. Was a nice mix of people: English, German, Austrian and I think I also saw some Swedish ;-) Chris the German guy and I were quite impressed how Swedish people style themselves for a New Year party :-)
On this picture Lovisa tries to explain how to count till THREE.
(In the background there is Chris "He's German, that's why he drinks so fast...")

Saturday, January 27, 2007


Next stop was Vadstena were I spent my first Midsommarfesten this summer. Now I had my first typical Swedish Christmas meal. Delicious!
Next day we spent in the stable with Apollo (Lovisa's horse) were I learned how to clean the horse, make the stable fresh and a lot more. After that we drove to Linköping to Klara for New Years party...

Sverige again

This New Year I spent in Sweden. Went there for 17 days to visit Lovisa. First stop of my trip was Göteborg were we stayed for three days. We spent a lot of time playing singstar on the playstation but there was also some time to go shopping and buy a nice shirt for me for the New Year party. The shirt I liked most they sold for 120€ (that was already 30% off) - a reason for me not to buy it. After some searching in the stores we finally found something nice and affordable though.
The same evening we went out to see Skåne Julpark at Nefertiti. A mix of bands from southern Swedish region Skåne. Besides some nice DJing and soul music there was also Swedish superstar Timbuktu on the stage. Cool guy! More to come...

Like my new hairstyle?