Saturday, November 01, 2008

Friday, October 24, 2008

test of a livestream

Today I've attended a lecture on live streaming so I thought I test this a little bit on my blog. So whenever I have my streaming server running (probably won't happen so often) you can see me here on the web :-)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Swedish television

ok sorry, I didn't feel like writing any more about my Turkey trip. Such things should be done when you are there or never I guess.

But now to new frontiers...

Now that Lovisa moved to Oslo (she got a job there) I have a lot of time feeling bored and watching TV. But watching TV can sometime be nice especially when they show "stor i Japan" (big in Japan). An experiment where two freaky Swedish guys try to become famous in Japan with their music within one month. I think...
And one of their songs (they only have two) feels a bit like written for me :=)

Listen for yourself: (hit the small blue button)

Friday, July 18, 2008


James Bond has been there, Mozart has written an opera about it and now I have also been there. The Topkapi palace. If I remember it right it was until around 1930 that a sultan lived in that palace with all his servants, a harem and incredible treasures. And this place is big!!!

One of the three gardens each as big as maybe 10 football fields, maybe more

That's inside the harem which is an incredibly rich decorated place although now there is no furniture or carpets or anything. I guess it must have been completely stunning place.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


The third day in Istanbul I was very tired from all the sightseeing. I thought I have to see as many things s possible in minimum time and was just running around the city without any breaks until I just couldn't take any more.
So I went to a Hamam - a Turkish bath and that was really nice! In the beginning I felt a bit lost because I didn't know how it works there but they kind of take you on the hand and show you (these tourists really don't know anything...)

This is the main room in the Hamam. Really nic
e, everything is made of marble.

And that's the best part - it starts with some kind of peeling and then washing and massage at the end. All performed by a fat sweating Turk. Sweat :-)

And that's how they dress you up at the end. Almost looks like a bedouin

fresh again after the Hamam

after the Hamam visit I was fresh again for more Bazaars and sights. Some cats found a cozy place on the pillows of that store.

Later that night I saw a swirling dervish in a Cafe. This dance is a way for them to come close to god. I can imagine that you feel a bit out of this world after swirling for 15 minutes.

This is Aya Sophia again this time at night on the way back to the hotel

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rain is falling on my head

The second day I didn't believe my eyes. It was raining cats and dogs! I thought it would never rain in that part of the world (at least not in summer) but I was completely wrong.

The whole day I thought it would just be a short shower until it got night and I was cold and very wet. At that point I realized that it wasn't just a short shower but a rainy day in Istanbul.

Anyway I managed to see the Blue Mosque (there are many smaller mosques that are much nicer!)

and Aya Sofia which is also a bit overrated. Though it's interesting to have a former church and a mosque in one building.

I almost forgot to mention, I also visited Instanbul's Grand Bazaar which has not so much of an Bazaar as I would imagine it. It's a big souvenier market. Of course you can find some nice things but it feels very un-authentic!

The night life in Istanbul is completely crazy! The streets are stuffed with people, everywhere are bars, restaurants, discos. Every day of the week.

Now that I read that post again I feel there's a bit of a neative vibe. That's how strong rain can influence your mood (no wonder when you're wet and cold).

Monday, July 14, 2008

Turkey, Istanbul

Finally it's holiday and I take the plane to Istanbul/Turkey.
The flight via Paris went very well - was the softest touch down of a plane I ever experienced. Air France becomes more and more my favorite airline. The food they serve is just unbeatable!
Arrived at Istanbul around 00:00 and thought it's better to spend the night at the airport. That was not the best night I had in Turkey (but maybe also not the worst).

The first day I was lucky to meet two Turkish guys from Sweden and a Turkish guy who lived in Germany and works for an Austrian company. That was really a good start for the trip. They showed me (and the two Swedish guys) a bit around and told me what to look out for etc. Felt very nice!

But now some pictures of the first day:

On the boat tour I met the guys. Here the Bosporus bridge that connects the European and Asian part of Istanbul

Of course we had to take a picture of the Swedish guys in front of the Swedish consulate.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Heja Sverige!!!

When the Swedish national team is playing whole Sweden is gathering to cheer for their team. Everybody is dressing up in yellow and blue and the main street in Gothenburg is closed down for the football fans.

Highly concentrated they are following the game, some are even connected with their mobile phone to the friends in the stadium to coordinate the cheering in a better way.

Sometimes it was very close that Spain got a goal.
But two times it actually happened. Spain scored. That hurts!
Their faces fell

And the few Spaniards that were here were celebrating their victory

Monday, June 09, 2008

Swedish railways

Another interesting thing I experienced was the Swedish Railways SJ.
I tried to pick up my motorbike from Lerum the first time on Wednesday last week and had to go by train. So I bought my ticket for the train at 17:17 and was supposed to be there 20 minutes later. But it shouldn't be like that. The train was canceled and so was the next one at 17:32. And 17:47 was too late for me to reach to store in time...
No money back, no nothing.

So I tried again on Thursday and this time the train was in time. I though it was probably just a one time thing that the train was late. Nothing to worry about too much. Can happen.
So I was at the store at a quarter to 6 but now they had already closed. Man I was angry!
So back by train. But not the next one, not the one after but two after because they were canceled again for some strange reason...

They third try was today. To be on the save side I left the office a bit earlier to get the train at 16:32. But no, it was canceled. Instead it left 16:47 and only to my station from there many people had to change to a bus...

I really wonder why this track is so fucked up. Out of four trains I wanted to take only ONE was in time.

My bike is back

I got my bike back!!!

Also the stuff to put the boxes on are gone.

Looks like they broke the rear break pedal and fixed it with this screw. 

What me worries me most about the condition of the bike is how it feels on the road. Very wobbling and unstable. I guess they have completely destroyed the suspension.

Of course it got quite many scratches (so there might be a new painting), a broken front brake handle, and the coat of the saddle was destroyed.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sweden is ready

All houses is Sweden are decorated with the Austrian flag. Let the game begin and Austria win!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

UEFA 2008

The waiting is over and the games begin. Not so good for Switzerland though. I'm really sorry for them!
Ok, that's a boring post I know but I thought the picture was funny...

Monday, June 02, 2008

Andi in Sweden

This weekend my brother Andi came for visit. That was very nice. I took Friday off and had some short holiday. Got some pictures of our trip to Kellö, a small island close to Gothenburg.
Very nice place!!!


It's studenen time in Gothenburg and the main street is full with young people who just finished school.
There are so many and they are so drunk that they get transported in trucks out of town ;-)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Zanzibar without electricity for 6 days

I got this story from TheCitizen

No end to electricity crisis in Zanzibar No end to electricity crisis in Zanzibar

By Salma Said, Zanzibar, and Orton Kiishweko, Dar

Zanzibar was without electricity for the fifth consecutive day yesterday.A serious water crisis was looming after water pumps stalled and water vendors raised prices. Operations in some schools and hospitals that do not have generators were also disrupted.

President Amani Abeid Karume on Saturday toured the crippled power distribution facility in Fumba as government grappled with Zanzibar's worst power crisis for years.

President Karume assured the public that experts were expected in the country any time to install parts that were damaged at the station last Wednesday.

Zanzibar Electricity Company (Zeco) public relations manager Salum Abdallah told The citizen yesterday that they were waiting for experts, but denied reports the assistance was being sought from South Africa following fears that the arrival of technicians from Norway contracted for the job could be delayed.

The massive power failure which left Zanzibar without electricity originated on Tanzania Mainland where Dar es Salaam and several areas briefly suffered a blackout on Wednesday night.

Mr Abdallah said the problem began on Thursday night where transformers and other apparatus at Fumba blew up after power from the mainland was restored.

"When electricity from the mainland was reinstated, the main power receptors at Fumba were overloaded and some equipment that require experts to repair burst into flames," he said.

Zeco general manager Mr Hassan Ali said on Saturday that he was optimistic they would solve the problem "as soon as possible".

However, other sources within the company said it was not known when the Norwegian export would arrive and how long it would take to fix the problem.

Technicians from Tanzania Electric Supply Company (Tanesco) travelled to Zanzibar at the weekend, but were told not to touch anything at Fumba, pending the arrival of the Norwegian experts. The Citizen learnt that the engineers have since returned to Dar es Salaam.

The blackout has badly affected the operations of businesses and various important institutions.

Pumps at Sateni water plant fell silent, causing shortages in various parts of Unguja. Hundreds of people were seen at the site colleting water in containers.

A 20-litre container of water was selling for between Sh700 to Sh1,000, up from between Sh300 and Sh500 before the blackout.

There were fears that communicable diseases could break out at Michenzani Flats, whose occupants depend on piped water, and which lack pit latrines.

Unguja residents who spoke to The Citizen said that they were disappointed and felt that the government had taken too long to act following the breakdown at Fumba.

Businesses, including tourist hotels, were also badly affected, with many reporting big losses since power went off five days ago.

People were seen flocking to the few premises that had generators to charge their mobile phones. However, those running generators said it was just a matter of days before the high cost of operating the machines forced them to switch them off altogether.

People living in some areas have had to contend with noise and fumes from generators providing power to shops and offices.

Crime has also reportedly increased during the blackout as it has become easier for muggers to pounce on unsuspecting people under the cover of darkness.

Also hard-hit by the power crisis is Mnazi Mmoja Hospital, where available generators cannot provide the hospital with all the electricity it needs.

Patients who spoke to The Ctizen said they were inconvenienced by stifling heat in the wards.

Like Mnazi Mmoja Hospital, the generators at Ugunja airport have been on and off with the air conditioners off.

Incidentally, this may affect central offices and emergency, safety and fire systems in Zanzibar if the situation is not solved urgently.

Since last year, Zanzibar has been laying a submarine cable to provide electricity from mainland Tanzania to Pemba with the financing support from the government of Norway.

Zanzibar stopped using power from diesel generators when the island was hooked up to the national grid in 1980.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

What's left

This is all what's left of my motorbike. It got stolen some time between thursday and friday night. I never thought that someone would be interested in an old bike like that.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


That's how it looks when someone ( in this case me) runs 21km without any training. It was a desaster!!!
The top graph is the heartbeat that goes down the longer I run. at the end you see it is going up and down a lot. That's when I had to walk in between.
The next graph below (the dark one) is the altitude. As you can see it's not a very flat race.
And the blue graph represents the speed.
As a conclusion I can say it makes definitely sense to do some exercises before running a half-marathon!
I might upload some real photos during the next days...

Monday, May 12, 2008

last weekend

I know, since I started working the rate of new posts really drops. But here comes a new one. This weekend I've been at Slottskoge with some guys from work. Some BBQ, some frisbee, some football made it a perfect outdoor day!
Very nice!!!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Riding the smaller horse

This Sunday I was allowed to ride the pony Fredrik.
Soo small

and soo dirty

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

more Winter

did I mention that winter came to Gothenburg?

Some pictures from eastern

easter chicks ;-)

cultural reserve close to Linköping

Blondy doing some exercise

and the ghost house