Saturday, October 27, 2007


I just found a post about my trip to Sweden at my brothers blog.
Check it out here

Back to Austria

Finally back home. What a endless trip. The flight from Shanghai to Doha was ok, because I could sleep well in the plane. Little bit scary were all the controls at the airport in Shanghai though. I have never showed my passport so many times in such short time.

After 8 hours I think we arrived in Doha. Actually we wanted to take a look at the city but they wanted 30 USD for a Visa and that was too much for us so we stayed at the airport. Outside it looked so nice and warm (dessert actually) and inside we were freezing in our jackets because of the damn aircondition. Must have had around 15°C I guess.

After the super boring time at the airport we had 6 super super boring hours at the plane to Vienna. But we made it and more important we made it through the customs. But maybe I shouldn't go too much into details here ;-)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

super speed and super hight

today we went with the high speed magnet levitation train from the city to the airport with 430 km/h = 267 mph. One way is ok, but on the way back our stomach felt a bit strange.

Later we went up the Shanghai Perl tower TV tower. Still strange in the stomach the hight didn't really help to make it better...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

city tour

Yesterday we did a walking tour through the city. We started at the tourist catch the Bund where you have a nice view over the river to the sky scrapers and a lot of people trying to sell you fake watches.

We passed a park were people were fishing gold fish... I hope not for dinner!

And then found our selfs in Yu Yuan garden which is a really old traditional Chinese place. 89 year old Mr. Bao showed us around and told us some stories of old China.

Rest at a tea house

Dinner at the street. People couldn't believe their eyes that tourists come there and eat what the locals eat.

Next we found a massage place were we got a foot massage for 3 Euro. Felt much better afterwards...

The last curiosity for the day was the seafood market where they had things I've never seen before.

Monday, October 22, 2007

last working day

Yesterday we had the last day at the museum. I just had to supervise some lectures that were held by the artist which was not an easy job because I didn't get much sleep the night before. We were out at Mr. Wong's bar which as a story on it's own...

After work I went through Century Park (the biggest park in Shanghai) to the hotel to get some sleep.

But not much because at 6 the bus was already here to pick us up for a "hot pot" dinner. The Japanese found the control of the plate and started using it as a nintendo game controller :-)

Two of the Japanese after taking the Chinese schnaps. Oh, it was strong!!!

After dinner we went out for dancing and again it got very late...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

opening concert

After the opening of the exhibition on Friday we went to the Shanghai music hall for the opening concert with performances of MIT, AEC Futurelab and other institutions.

The music hall

this is just a small part of the technical equipment for the show

WOW, the work from futurlab was in 3d, CRAZY STUFF!!!

it's been the visualization of a traditional Chinese opera

Friday, October 19, 2007

It's done

The exhibition is opened and everything is running!
I'm getting ready to go to the opening concert of the festival. There is a gigantic firework going on outside right now. I think it's on for half an hour now. They shoot out everything they have... CRAZY!!!!

briefing of the festival

The charming restaurant where the briefing took place

Erwin not so happy to get the eArts cap. It's crazy technology! It has blinking lights all over!!!

The group of Japanese artists was really happy with the caps though ;-)

Thursday, October 18, 2007


sometimes it happens that screens come down over night or that you get the really wrong cable

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

three days before the opening

here are some pictures from our work, three days before the opening.

The screens for S.H.E.

This will become the screens for Golan Levins noodels

The "ball room" with arabesque

Room 3 of the exhibition

Bags filled with wood chips for the floor. To make you feel like you walk in the forest or a garden.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Covox and Aonami was here

Covox/Aonami Asia Tour STD and Shanshui presents - "High-energy Game Boy pop Covox brings the electronic love." He released his debut, "Delete the Elite" in 2005 and in 2006 in China on Beijing-based Shanshui Records. He is joined by another Game Boy musician from Tokyo Japan, Aonami. Also performing is Sulumi AKA Sun Dawei, "one of the key musicians of the Chinese new electronic music generation." He is well-known for his pure Game Boy and IDM style. It happened at

Some pictures I took at this fabulous concert:

Mr. Covox

Mr. Aonami

the Swedish guy (didn't get his name)

the crowd

the instruments

Saturday, October 13, 2007


some nice pictures from our trip to the city:

deserted at night
crowded during the day

with crazy people

and some police

Shanghai museum of science and technology

The Shanghai museum of science and technology is the biggest of it's kind in whole of Asia. It contains three IMAX cinemas, several exhibitions and soon also an exhibition from Linz.

front view

back view

one of the many meetings

It's all about food

Finally I got the card reader and here are some first pictures...

Pizza Hut the Chinese style. If the Chinese food gets too much.
Talking about Chinese food, that's what we get for breakfast. Just imagine the lunch buffet at your local Chinese restaurant

But don't worry, there are also western things available. French fries for example ;-)

And that's lunch time. Just look at the happy faces
But there are also places like Mister Donut

and Japanese restaurants...