Thursday, June 04, 2009

Apple and quality - not so sure anymore

Ok, I know nobody really wants to read this kind of stuff but I have to let my frustration out.

Two years ago I bought a Macbook pro for almost 2000€. Everyone told me what high quality standards Apple has and that it would be completly worth paying a bit more.

When I got this nice machine I finished school and had to do a presentation of my master theses. I thought nice, now I can do these nice presentations with keynote. Well actually I had to use my professors PC with a pdf version of the presntation. My Mac first didn't want to start up and had strange video errors and then didn't recognice the projector, no matter how many times I tried. GREAT first impression!

Some months later the keybord backlight stoped working the way it should. It turned on, started flickering, turned off just randomly.
Well I got it fixed during warranty. The technicians decided to replace the whole case. That's when I found out that it's much nice to have the touchpad installed straight and not leaning to one side as it was from the day I got this machine.

Well, everything fixed within warranty time. That's good. How high are the odds that something else would happes?
But then the battery started to die. After 200 cycles it had energy for maybe 5 minutes. And no, my battery is not part of the defect batteries that Apple changes for free.

Now, almost exactly two years after I bought my Macbook pro I took the machine from sleep but nothing happened. The screen stayed black, I could hear the fans, harddisc and CD drive spin up but nothing else. I tried all the key combinations there are, no luck.
The technicians at the store then told me the mainboard broke down and a new one would cost 1000€. GREAT!!!

When I got it back I thought now everything has to be ok - I mean all that's left form the original faulty machine is the screen, CD and hard drive. Well, no. There is also the airport card which now decided to not work with 5GHz networks anymore. I hope they fix this at the store for free since this issue came up after I got it back from the mainboard switch...

If I hadn't put so much money into this crap I would really like to do this:
(And no, I don't mean grow my hair like his)

By the way, my Acer notebook I am writing this on has been working for 8 years without any problems (even the battery is as new).

Monday, June 01, 2009

Flo and the vikings

Another story from last month is my trip to the last Vikings. I went to Oslo, the last place on earth where you can find real vikings.
We went out to the sea, stealing and plundering just as their ancestors did.

And it was a good day for vikings!
We had a good night sleep between all the
treasures we
brought together on a small island.

The next day when we left our prisoners on the island.

A storm came up and we almost capsized but due to the instincts of our captain Kay and his chief mate Knut we ma
naged to return save to the harbour of Oslo.

We even got a video of the gloriose sea maneuvers

When we returned the Oslo the people were cheering and waving flags.

The whole town was decorated and people dressed up in their best cloth.

Even the king was waving us for us being so good vikings.

We like :)

Midnight at the farm

Now that I started I can't stop :-)
Of course it wasn't all bad the last months. E.g. I worked on my own little time laps project. Check out this nice movie I did from 9pm till 2am.

I'm back

Hej there,

probably there are not many visiting this place anymore...

I had a rather tough time which wasn't so nice to write on my blog.
If you still wonder what this 80+1 post is all about, well it's kind of what got me into this in the first place:
I'm not gonna post what was going on but it wasn't nice. But now this chapter is over and I hope I can post about some nicer things soon!