Monday, June 01, 2009

Flo and the vikings

Another story from last month is my trip to the last Vikings. I went to Oslo, the last place on earth where you can find real vikings.
We went out to the sea, stealing and plundering just as their ancestors did.

And it was a good day for vikings!
We had a good night sleep between all the
treasures we
brought together on a small island.

The next day when we left our prisoners on the island.

A storm came up and we almost capsized but due to the instincts of our captain Kay and his chief mate Knut we ma
naged to return save to the harbour of Oslo.

We even got a video of the gloriose sea maneuvers

When we returned the Oslo the people were cheering and waving flags.

The whole town was decorated and people dressed up in their best cloth.

Even the king was waving us for us being so good vikings.

We like :)

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