Sunday, June 15, 2008

Heja Sverige!!!

When the Swedish national team is playing whole Sweden is gathering to cheer for their team. Everybody is dressing up in yellow and blue and the main street in Gothenburg is closed down for the football fans.

Highly concentrated they are following the game, some are even connected with their mobile phone to the friends in the stadium to coordinate the cheering in a better way.

Sometimes it was very close that Spain got a goal.
But two times it actually happened. Spain scored. That hurts!
Their faces fell

And the few Spaniards that were here were celebrating their victory

Monday, June 09, 2008

Swedish railways

Another interesting thing I experienced was the Swedish Railways SJ.
I tried to pick up my motorbike from Lerum the first time on Wednesday last week and had to go by train. So I bought my ticket for the train at 17:17 and was supposed to be there 20 minutes later. But it shouldn't be like that. The train was canceled and so was the next one at 17:32. And 17:47 was too late for me to reach to store in time...
No money back, no nothing.

So I tried again on Thursday and this time the train was in time. I though it was probably just a one time thing that the train was late. Nothing to worry about too much. Can happen.
So I was at the store at a quarter to 6 but now they had already closed. Man I was angry!
So back by train. But not the next one, not the one after but two after because they were canceled again for some strange reason...

They third try was today. To be on the save side I left the office a bit earlier to get the train at 16:32. But no, it was canceled. Instead it left 16:47 and only to my station from there many people had to change to a bus...

I really wonder why this track is so fucked up. Out of four trains I wanted to take only ONE was in time.

My bike is back

I got my bike back!!!

Also the stuff to put the boxes on are gone.

Looks like they broke the rear break pedal and fixed it with this screw. 

What me worries me most about the condition of the bike is how it feels on the road. Very wobbling and unstable. I guess they have completely destroyed the suspension.

Of course it got quite many scratches (so there might be a new painting), a broken front brake handle, and the coat of the saddle was destroyed.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sweden is ready

All houses is Sweden are decorated with the Austrian flag. Let the game begin and Austria win!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

UEFA 2008

The waiting is over and the games begin. Not so good for Switzerland though. I'm really sorry for them!
Ok, that's a boring post I know but I thought the picture was funny...

Monday, June 02, 2008

Andi in Sweden

This weekend my brother Andi came for visit. That was very nice. I took Friday off and had some short holiday. Got some pictures of our trip to Kellö, a small island close to Gothenburg.
Very nice place!!!


It's studenen time in Gothenburg and the main street is full with young people who just finished school.
There are so many and they are so drunk that they get transported in trucks out of town ;-)