Saturday, October 14, 2006

National Geographic

We had to get up early to reach the ferry to cross Geirangner Fjord. What a trip! The sun was comming through the clouds, it was getting warm and the Fjord is just poa fucking kabisa! When we reached Geiragner, the village the MS Deutschland a huge cruise ship was there what looked so cool. We took some postcard pictures and I tried some off road driving :-)
In the afternoon we reached Jostedalsbreen again from the other side where we could see it even better. In that remote area Lovisa tried the first time in her live to ride a motorbike and she had really fun - she was driving 120km/h. Crazy!!! There was really a lot happening that day - we also found that area that was closed for public because of a wounded bear that was running around.
For the night we stayed almost on top of a mountain close to Jostedalsbreen. We were completely alone. Only some sheeps kept company. At night even the sheeps left because it was getting really cold up there - no wonder so close to the glacier...

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