Thursday, September 17, 2009

Iceland - day 3 - part 1

The third day a lot of stuff was happening therefor I split the report in two parts.

We spent the night in this little shelter in the middle of nowhere. Close to Hagavatn and Langjökulls. One of the huge glaciers on Iceland.

I climbed a small mountain/hill/volcano to get this view of Langjökull early in the morning while the others were still sleeping.

Later we started our expedition to the glacier were we passed a rather big waterfall that looks pretty small on this picture... But believe me, it was BIIG!

There is really not much vegetation in this area, actually on the whole island...

After the glacier trip we drove back into civilization where we had a stop at Gullfoss. Another really big waterfall - one that even looks big on a picture :)


What do these horses eat on an island where nothing grows?

Unfortunately not our car...

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