Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Icland day two

On the second day we got our nice little car. A Honda CRV. Maybe not the best offroad truck but perfect for us!

This day we followed the tourist tracks. The first stop was ├×ingvellir. The place where the European and the American continental plates meet. That's the valley you see...

The next stop was the Geysir. It erupts every 8 minutes or so. Very impressive. In the whole area you find wholes in the ground with boiling water and it smells intensely - sulfur.

This is not another view from the airplane down on Iceland. It's one of the water holes next to the Geysir. By the way, the blue color comes from some sort of algae in there...

On the way to the Geysir we stopped at this strange thing. From the distance we just saw a lot of smoke and thought there must be some factory that blows it's dirt in the air. When we came closer we realized it was a geothermal powerplant. Completely green energy!

This guy wasn't so lucky with the car :(
Well, didn't have a Honda CRV ;-)

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