Friday, May 19, 2006

Couch Surfing

This might be an interesting link for everybody who likes travelling and doesn't have the money to stay at Mövenpick or Hilton hotels. The system works like this:
You can use the network to meet people and then go and surf other members' couches! When you surf a couch, you are a guest at someone's house. They will provide you with some sort of accommodation, a penthouse apartment or maybe a back yard to pitch your tent in. Stays can be as short as a cup of coffee, a night or two, or even a few months or more.
looking for a couch in linz. check out floflo's profile...


thomas szelesi said...

hi flo,
that's tommy writin' from la. currently i took a term off and am stayin' all the way through september at my cosine's place in north hollywood. however - i was just surfin' the internet for fencing clubs around la and so one led to the other and i thought about u, ran a search on keclik on google and found your lovely blog - i like it and also your concerns about coffe prices that even hit me stronger sittin' here in starbucks land. however, just thought that might be worth mentioning at this point. greetz from overseas,

Flo Flo said...

hey tommy,
how nice to hear from you and that lovely internet brings people together that have not heard from each other for years and that over such a distance.
Very nice homepage that you have and even nice pictures of your trips! I should also start to put my Tanzania pics online - I'm just too lazy :-)
keep in touch,