Sunday, May 28, 2006

police in Africa and news about Mwenge

Maybe some of you still remember the story about the multi-million dollar robbery at Johannesburg airport... Now there is an update on the story. The police was able to arrest several people and to get 9 million USD back. The money was stored at a police station in Johannesburg but not for long. The money was stolen out of the police station.
What's wrong with the police in Africa? Or is that Molotov Molstad's handwriting?

I also got a new message from DSM:
"Hey, did someone tell you that they trashed Mwenge? That's what they did. they smashed all the stands, so that they can build a better buss station, it really lookes like war zone there now. Kinda sad but they really had to do something about it to I guess."

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