Monday, March 27, 2006


My flight from Cape town to Jo'burg had a delay of almost an hour probably because there was an armed robbery in Jo'burg airport where armed men stole millions of Dollars that were supposed to go to Tanzania. Don't ask me about details I was not there.
Sorry about the picture I took at Cape town airport's toilet but a toilet with a bluesrceen is quite funny I think (yeah yeah I'm a computer nerd...)
Arrived late but save in Johannesburg were I spent a boring day at the shopping center of course. Tomorrow I'll go to Dar for another 14 days. Don't really want to because I think we are in the middle of the raining season. But there is work waiting for me in Tanzania so I have no choice.


Tonje said...

We have a telephone next to our toilet. Haveof a pic of it on my blog actually:)

Anonymous said...

we've put up a note with pictures about how to check your breasts for lumps every month by our toilet:) - popular among the guys!

Kine said...

from Kine:)