Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Back to Dar Es Salaam

I really made it. I'm back in Dar and I like it! We were racing to the airport in Johannesburg because somehow everything took a bit longer in the morning than it was supposed to and so we started from the place we stayed to the airport one hour before the plane left. I was a bit nervous but everything went fine. Close but fine. In the plane they showed Harry Potter - the newest one witch I think is the best one so far. BUT I didn't see the grand finale. The plane was landing and the steward was collecting all the headphones. That was hard for me. So please if anybody saw Harry Potter please tell me what happend in the labyrinth.
Got out of the plane in Dar and like always was hit by the heat and the humidity. But somehow it felt like coming home. Was a really nice feeling. When I come through the passport control there were a lot of people with Tanzania bags and Tanzania track suits. I found out it was the Tanzanian team for the Commonwealth games that just returned from Australia / Mellburne. I congratulated the guys that won a gold and a bronze medall and took lot of nice pictures (can't upload them here. You know Tanzanian internet...) Later I followed the team out of the airport through a VIP exit where a guard asked me who I am and what I was doing here. I told him I'm from Australia and take pictures of the guys. He started smiling "Oh, you are from Australia and came all the way with our team. You may proceed." Very nice that Austria and Australia sounds so similar and I didn't even have to lie to him. Outside there was a big greeting for the Tanzanian heroes with a band a lot of dancers and some important politicians and a lot of camera teams and I was in the middle of it. Unfortunately Kikwete was not here.
Took the Taxi to Makongo where I stay now with Flo and was so suprised how beatiful green Tanzania is after the rain. It's really wonderful!
In the evening Carlos was visiting us and we had some Kilis.

Today I went to university and collect all my stuff from Claudia's room where I could store it the time I wasn't here. Met many nice people from last semester - Tanisha, Dan, Alex and also Johanna and Mia who are from the new semester. Now dinner with Tony at Istanas. I'm very hungry and will close now. Baday


Kine said...

I think Austria should just become an Australian province right away - oh wait, isn't Arnold S. gonna make it an American one?:)I wanna see Tanzania in rainy season....

Tonje said...

Voldemort has fixed the tournament and the winning trophee is a port key that will bring Harry to him. Unfortunately Cedric and Harry get to the trophee at the same time and they both goes to Voldemort. V kills Cedric. He needs some of HArrys blood to get a body and he gets it. Then he wants to kill Harry, but Harry is strong and manage to escape back to Hogwarts with Cedrics body, using the port key. There's a lot of Death eaters there by the way, including Lucius Malfoy.
When Harry gets back almost noone believes him, only a small group of former aurors and Dumbledore++
The ministry of MAgic tries to kill the rumours and denies that Voldemort is back, and blames HArry!
Poor boy.
The end:)

I wanna go to Daaaaaaaaaaar tooooo!!
Miss u like crazy!

Anonymous said...

that's exactly what I was afraid of: see africa and missing it when being home again. Why don't you start a project there about something something to be able to stay again for a certain period???? luf from austria

tons said...

I totally agree!
I miss Africa too!!!

Anonymous said...

Tonje is not telling the truth.
Harry potter dies. The next film is about his annoynig nerdy friend Ron.
It's called Ron's Incredible Adventure...

Flo Flo said...

True! In the streets of Dar they sell it already - Ron's Incredible Adventures 4000 schillingi only