Saturday, April 01, 2006

Mr. Lova Lova

Unbelievable, I returned to Dar university after two month, visited Mama Kaaya and all the bureaucracy and stupid runnig around starts again. I asked for the marks of last semester and of course half of my classes were not in the list, as if I never attended them. So I told Mama Kaaya that there is something missing and she was so nice to fill out 4 forms for me to take them to the head of the department, then to the Professors of the classes, head of the department again and then dean of the faculty. Hurra!!! I thought it would be boring to be in Dar for two weeks but Mama Kaaya saved me from endless boredom.
At university I also met all the "old" students - Alex, Tanisha, Dan, Claudia, Americ, Tony, Caneric and and and. Also some of the new students. They are ok but everybody tells me that they are extreeeemly boring. No parties, no roof gatherings no nothing. They take this university much to seriouse!
After my visit to university I went to town to get money from Barkley's ATM but it was out of order. There was a long queue because the fundi was already working on it. "Just wait for two minutes." But after one month in South Africa I forgot that they meant African minutes. Of course that means come again tomorrow. Well I went to Moevenpick instead for a nice cup of coffee and who do you think crossed my way when I went in? Mr. Lova lova himself - Shaggy. Dar Es Salaam became celebrity metropolis while I was away. He was giving a concert at Diamond Jubilee Hall, karibu Palm Beachi.
The concert was amazing! I never saw something like this before. It started with a Tanzanian dance group that performed to songs of 2Unlimited etc. Actually nice dace but the music... The next two acts were quite popular bogo flava artists. Don't know their names but you can hear their songs in every daladala. And then the star of the night. Shaggy - no restrictions for the volume so it was the loudest and longest concert ever. First he performed all of his song and when he was finished with that he played every Bob Marley song until 2 o'clock in the morning. The people loved him!


Kine said...

i'm sooooooo jealous!! Shaggy is probably the coolest man on the planet (øh..well at least one of them)!

Flo Flo said...

Probably he is one of the coolest men in the world. Whe he asked a girl to come on the stage the security guys picked one and she couldn't believe it. She almost faded because it was too much for her. Mr. Lova lova himself sang a lovesong for her, was dancing with her and thousands of people were watching them. Was sweet to see that...