Saturday, April 15, 2006

fuck the police

Today was the first day I could ride my motorbike again. Hurra, hurra, hurra!!! King of the roads, enjoying the freedom and the warm weather.
And then those police bastards had to destroy my dream ride. They wanted to see my driving licence - ok no problem, the documents for the bike - shit, didn't have them with me. First aid kit - also left that at home but I found one single gauze bandage that was really dirty and fucked up. They looked at it very sceptically and asked me if I would like this thing used on me in case I would have an accident. Of course I said yes. Did I have a choice?
After all that they didn't stop searching for things they could charge me for, so they sent me to their headquater where they measured the noise level of my bike. I was lucky! It was a bit too loud but within the tollerance so no more money for them. So in total I lost 7€ because of the documents and about one hour of my life. Bastards!

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