Sunday, April 23, 2006

Scandinavia or not?

I have heard that in Norway the rumors make the round that I will come up north soon. I can't promise yet, but it's very certain that I will come.
My plan is to go up north through Germany - Berlin, Hamburg and from there I want to take the ferry to Sweden - I guess I'll land in Malmö?!? Then either clockwise but more probable counterclockwise to Linköping and Stockholm. In Stockholm should go a ferry to Finnland (if not I'll take a dhow). Next stop: Helsinki, then north through Finnland where I'll try to find a ferry/dhow back to Sweden. I'll cross the country to Norway, up to Mo i Rana and from there down along the coast to Trondheim, Bergen, Stavanger, Christophers cabin that should be somewhere around there, Oslo, Göteborg, Malmö and back to central Europe.
The start of that trip should be in the first half of June and should not take longer than middle/end of July. Let me know if I forgot an important town I have to visit. See you soon ;-)


Kine said...

When do you think you'll be in Mo i Rana and in Trondheim? I might be in Denmark at the Roskilde festival from June 26 - July 2. Wanna make sure to be around when the king of Austria makes his first exclusive visit to Scandinavia:)

yngvild said...

heyy.....what about Vadsø??? The pearl of the Varanger Fiord....cant be missed... :-)

Flo Flo said...

Of course I come to Vadsø. I didn't write it because it's so hard to spell and I don't want to get in any troubles with the Norwegian king!

tonje said...

Nimefuraha sana!
Try to be in Trondheim-area in mid-July for my festival!