Friday, April 14, 2006

His Highness Jakaya Kikwete

I left Tanzania too early, no question. I got the news that his highness Jakaya Kikwete came to Chuo Kiko and held one of his excellent speaches but read what my correspondant from Tanzania says about that:
He came to campus and
talked about really
important things and he
really meant them, and
everybody where so
impressed, even I of
course, since he is the
only man I love more than
God. Ok not really. But he was here so I saw some of his
smiling face but it wasn't too exciting and the people
didn't seem to impressed. But there was a red carpet.
Well that's about how exciting it gets here on campus
these days.
Why is all that happening without me. Here we have ultra thrilling eastern. If only our President Fischer would come to my university. That would make me so happy...

The first picture is, as everybody knows, his highnes Jakaya Kikwete, Presitend of Tanzania.
The other picture shows Heinz Fischer our Austrian president.
Tell me guys which one looks like more fun?


Tonje said...

haha! ur austrian president looks definitely more fun! hoho!

Anonymous said...

Haha, yes that was a nice post.
Kikwete is serious...
Thats all tnazanians say when I ask them how kikwete is doing.