Wednesday, April 19, 2006

back to work

Finally I'm back in my Austrian everyday life. I have a new job at the Ars Electronica Center - Museum of the future - not joking, that's how this place is called. Yesterday, obviously I did everything else than working and so I found a very nice program called Google earth. I started to look around the world an soon found myself in Tanzania. I uploaded some pictures of University, Mwenge and the highest mountain of the world - Kilimanjao. It's amazing especially on the University picture you can see all the buildings where we were sweting. Administration, Nkruma hall, the huge library, the pool, the mosque, Hall 4, Hall 5 and I'm not sure but I think far up you can also find Hall3. A very nice tool!


Besserwisser said...

i guess u know that Kilimanjaro is not the highest mountain in the world?

yngvild said...

wow, that is sooo cool!! Mwenge looks organized with all the small white cute dala-dalas... if it was only true.. :-)

Flo Flo said...

What, Kilimanjaro is not the highest mountain in the world? What is it then? Now I'm confused, a world is breaking down :-(