Thursday, April 27, 2006

Earth day

international students are always good for an article in the citicen and our successors do a good job:

The Citizen, Tuesday, 25 of April, 2006

Students clean Dar beach as they mark 'Earth Day'

A group of international students and well-wishers from all walks of life celebrated the 'Earth Day' in style in Msasani beach, next to Roots&Shoots. The event started at nine in the morning and ended around six in the evening.

This exercise was organized by Ms. Sarah Fowler (pictured), a volunteer in Roots&Shoots of Jane Goodall Institute. More than fifty people participated in cleaning the beach.

'There were a lot of shoes and plastic bottles', one of the students, Yohanna, narrated. The group later pieced together the worn out shoes to write the name 'EARTH DAY'. The rest of the garbage was then separated into renewable and non-renewable waste.

Sarah reiterated that they found two long needles in the beach and appeals to those who visit the beach to be mindful of everyone's safety by avoiding careless litter disposal, especially the harmful and non-renewable waste. Earth Day is celebrated on April 22. It is a day when people worldwide show their care and concern for the planets environment and natural resources. This noble idea was started in 1970 by the late senator Gaylord Nelson of USA. This year's theme is 'climate change solutions'. Fowler expects more people to volunteer occasionally to clean the beach in order to sustain clean beaches rather than simply having a one day annual event.

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