Sunday, March 26, 2006

Back to Jo'burg

After 10 wonderful days in Cape town I have to go back to boring Johannesburg. Today I spent another day at the beach but not before getting into a car chase. The African taxi (thats the name of the Dala dalas in South Africa) was hit by a car on the side so it got a scratch. The other car didn't stop and so we started to chase them. It was a BMW Z4 so we didn't have a chance to get them. But was fun chasing them and when they were out of sight we were searching in the streets for the car. No success. After all of this I got droped of at the beach where it was too windy today - sandstorm. So after a short time I got back to my hostel.
That's it from Cape town. (South Africa's Ryanair) will take me to Jo'burg. Departure 21:20, arrival 23:20.
I'm off...

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