Tuesday, March 21, 2006

This is all about Penguins

Today I had to get up really early. Was thrown into reality at 8 o'clock - no time for breakfast because we actually wanted to leave already at 8. So just a quick visit to the bathroom, brush my teath to get a good breath because today I wanted to visit the African Penguins and they absolutly don't like a bad breath!
found a very nice place where I got enough food and coffee that would last for the whole day. Tired from eating I actually wanted to go to bed again but I had an appointment with the penguis. They life near Simon's town at Boulders beach. A very beautiful So after an hour in the car we reached Simon's town where I got off and the others went on to give cape point a visit. First I was heading to the harbour because I needed coffee something to eat and I knew that sea men are always hungry. And there I beach where they have their little holes in the sand and breed their eggs. I feel a little bit bad had all their attention. That made it possible for an evil seegull to steal an egg from my little friends.
So I decided to leave them and go to the beach for humans just next door to the penguins. Read a nice book (still 'Das Boot') and was enjoying the African sun.


Kine said...

Hey there, nice blog! I love penguins!

mar, man, rox, ron said...

hi flok,
the pic works now :)
and the one with the gull and the egg is great! grongratulation...
keep it up

Tonje said...

Where r u??