Monday, March 20, 2006

Rugby, Penguins and Table Mountain

After an exciting semester in Tanzania and one month of travelling around there I made it to South Africa. First Jo'burg whitch is a pretty boring city that has not much to offer but a funpark with unsave rollercoasters, hugh shopping centers where I got lost everytime I went and they have impressing traffic jams. Cape Town is very nice though - home of friendly Penguins and angry Rugby players, nice cheerleaders and beautiful Table Mountain and many many tourists! Yesterday I went to the Cape of good hope with two girls from Germany - Anna and Heschi or something like that. I was lucky because they had a car and I got a free ride to the south-westernmost point of Africa. The place where the Indian ocean and the Atlantic ocean come together and the only place in the world where Baboons eat seashells!?!

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