Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Scandinavia bible

On friday I got the Scandinavia bible in my postbox from amazon - The Rough Guide to Scandinavia. I'm so excited! It sounds so nice only the prices are crazy but that's nothing new. I'll sleep in my tent and save a lot of money (and probably get a bad back)...
As you might know, the Rough Guids always have a top 25 of things you have to do or see in a country - or in scandinavia in my case.
1) Svalbard, Norway
2) Vigelandsparken, Norway
3) Aurora borealis, in the north
4) Louisiana Museum of modern art, Denmark
5) Jotunheimen National Park, Norway
6) Copenhagen's Nyhavn district, Denmark
7) Inlandsbanan Railway, Sweden
Did you recognize that Sweden comes at 7th place after 3 times Norway? Pole sana Sweden! But to comfort you, Finland is mentioned at 11th place with a Husky Safari...

There is a reason why I paid so many compliments to Norway. Can one of you Norwegian guys check if there is a ferry from the main land to Svalbard? I didn't find any, only flights and that's out of the question for me and my motorbike. Tüsen tak guys.


Kine said...

Don't make your plans according to this list, there's a lot of more interesting places to see in Norway than Vigelandsparken and Jotunheimen National Park. Svalbard is interesting enough though, but I'm afraid there are no ferries going there. Aurora Borealis is also not possible to see during summer. I reccomend you go to Lofoten or the many nice little islands on the coast where I come from, it's very beautiful and very Norwegian, with beaches like on Zanzibar and clear water, althugh just a liiittle bit colder:). And the fishing is great!

If you go to Denmark there's only one place to be and that's the Roskilde festival:)

Very happy that Sweden doesn't appear on the list until 7th place!:)

the northener said...

and svalbard is very very very far north...

Flo Flo said...

I knwo it's very far north. That's why I want to go there. After visiting the south western most part of Africa and the highest mountain of Africa I have to go to the northern most part of Europe. Wrote an email to the tourist office in Svalbard if they know anything about a boat to the island. All that reminds me about our trip from Pemba to Tanga where we were looking for a dhow, bargaining with the captain of that dhow, and at the end we took a mysteriouse ferry (that was actually a ghost ship but that's another story...)

I definitely will also visit Lofoten Islands - that's place 26 in the Rough Guide's ranking. But after all you told me about how beatiful it is there I think it should be further in front. Definitly in front of all the Swedish stuff :-)

All I can say about the Roskilde festival is that 180€ for a ticket is way too much money for a poor Austrian student. I thought about going to the Baderock festival in Sandefjord but even 80€ for one day is too much money for my budget.

Anonymous said...

I must say that vigelands parken is a good place to drink beer, but to put it on number two is bull-shit. What is very nice is the road between Kristiansund (not kristiansand) and Molde. To drive down it on your bike will be nice.
Chi cri

t said...

we got a got a house in vesterålen close to lofoten, would have been amazing to take u there, but unfortunately i dont have any time off this summer..