Saturday, May 06, 2006

Whats wrong in this world

Why do I have to go to Austria to buy good coffee from Tanzania and even cheaper than there?
When I went to a coffee shop to buy some coffee I saw this offer - fresh Tanzanian coffee just for a short time. The price for half a kilo was 3,9 Euros which is about 6000 Tanzanian Shillings. In Tanzania all you can get is terrible Africafe for 2500 Shilling per 250g, thats 5000 Shillingi for half a kilo and this is something I don't get.
Why is Tanzanian coffee so much cheaper in Europe than in Tanzania? Is it because the market in Tanzania is too small to make money with their coffee? Is it because Tanzanians like Africafe so much and would not buy good real coffee? Does the transport from Africa to Europe make Coffee cheaper?
Please you economists teach me some.


Anonymous said...

africans dont like coffee.

Flo Flo said...

says who?

Anonymous said...


Flo Flo said...

Ahhh, you can't fool a computerscience student. This post comes from the Univ. of Science Technology, Trondheim, Norwegen.
So you must be the king of Norway - Olav

TBone (tanzania) said...

I know the answer, but I ain't gonna tell you cuz that could bring down the whole system that benefits us in the north.... fuck that