Monday, September 11, 2006

Botanical garden

Third day in Berlin. I'm getting really tired. The first day 12 hours on the bike and a night watching football. Second day running trough the city looking at every tourist thing that exists and partying 'till late at fete de la musique (met Johannes there - the guy that live one month in a tent in Kipepeo). Today I had to get up really early because Lene thought that guests from France would move in to her flat so I was supposed to move to her mom's flat but it turned out they come one day later.
But the good thing when you get up early is that you have more time for breakfast. So Lene and I had really nice breakfast in a nice Cafe in the middle of Kreuzberg - probably the nicest district in Berlin.
Then I met Claudia and Oliver and we went to the botanical garden. Usually I'm not so interested in plants but with the stories Lovisa and Oliver had to tell about almost every plant made this trip really nice.
Then we had a traditional German dish with asparagus, potatoes and bacon. So good! It was the good bye meal for Lovisa. She was leaving to the airport after that to go back to Sweden where she had to prepare Midsommar party for the next day. Read about it tomorrow...
- to be continued -

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