Thursday, September 14, 2006

The way to Midsommar

Day number 4. The alarm clock is ringing at 3 o'clock in the morning. I have to pack the rest of my stuff because I'm leaving towards Sweden. I was not so tired that morning it was already getting bright a little and I was looking forward to be part of the big Midsommar party in Vadstena - the day before Lovisa gave me some bottles of strong alcohol to smuggle across the border. What will this party be like?
But first I had a 16 hour trip ahead of me. I found the way out of Berlin quite well and was heading towards Rostock where I had to reach the ferry at 8am. To bad I wasn't clever enough to put on more clothes. During the day it was nicely warm but at night my fingers where freezing and I was shivering all over.
After some hours of cold pain on my bike I was almost in Rostock but suddenly my bike stopped. Out of fuel in the middle of the highway. Great and I had to reach the ferry. One hour left... But I was lucky because I stopped right at one of those emergency phones that are placed about every 5km on the Autobahn. I pressed the button for technical breakdown and someone answered the phone but hang up immediately because he couldn't hear me. The microphone was broken. Great! Tried again and with yes - no questions and me pressing buttons to answer he found out my bike broke down and that I did not have an accident. But he said he would send the police to be sure about that. OK I was waiting for the police and hoping they might drive me to a gas station so I would reach the ferry but instead they were just passing by really fast and leaving me behind. Now I felt really shitty and I had to push the bike to the next gas station. I didn't think I would reach the ferry anymore but I was lucky and after the next curve there was an exit and there was a gas station. I really made it to the ferry.
After five hours of sleep in the ferrie's restaurant I was still cold but it was noon and I thought the sun would be strong enough to warm me. Hahaha not in Sweden. So I put on all the clothes I had (didn't help still cold) and continued. Now I was sure I would not go all the way to the north pole.

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Anonymous said...

Running out of fuel on the autobahn is a serious offense in Germany.